3 MORE Podcasts You Should Listen To

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October 13, 2021
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This is a continuation of the post, https://geekpolos.com/blog/3-seo-and-digital-marketing-podcats/. The first 3 podcasts I selected may not be a good fit for you or you may be looking for more information to consume. Either way, here are 3 more search engine / digital marketing podcasts for you to check out.

Voices of Search Podcast
Host: Benjamin Shapiro

This fabulous daily SEO and content marketing podcast are very interview-driven, making it a gem to take from the expert guest speakers about what you need and want from their work within the SEO industry, with plenty of advice and actionable strategies that you can dip in and out of.

Great insights via data from world-class marketers who will have you working your own way through the maze of SEO plans to achieve business success.  The experts voice their own successes and pitfalls and share their real-life experiences with tried and tested tools, tricks and tips.

With an experienced host such as Benjamin Sharipo, you know you are in safe hands as he leads his guest to divulge the secrets of their trade.  With the interview-style format, Benjamin sits down with leading CEOs to discuss marketing strategies that work.  So, if you want an inspirational podcast with a great line-up, this is the podcast for you.  These podcast episodes are basically their own case studies as the guests share their stories, tactics, and success merit with realistic expectations.


The Business of Digital Podcast
Hosts: Mat Siltala and Dave Rohrer

This highly recommended weekly show is a minefield of digital marketing expertise which covers far more than just SEO, as it always has a digital marketing link which makes it a great podcast to dip in and out of in relation to what suits you.

Regardless of whether you are a business owner or working in the field of digital marketing, there’ll be something inspiring in an episode to educate and inform you – this isn’t just a theory-led podcast – they are practical, helpful, quality episodes by hosts with knowledge. 

They are a great car journey podcast to listen to – with 20 minutes of over 45 episodes to entertain you, and you’ll soon find something to float your boat.

Your hosts Mat Siltala and Dave Rohler, are experienced SEO marketers themselves with an abundance of professional as well as practical expertise and skill.  The guys are consistently on top of the current trends within digital marketing and are renowned for their excellent advice and practical solutions posed to them.  You’ll never be disappointed with these podcasts with their realistic, actionable advice whilst keeping you entertained.


Marketing O’Clock
Host: Greg Finn, Jessica Budde, Christine ‘Shep’ Zirnheld, and Mark Saltarelli

If you are up for the latest marketing news, trends, studies, and updates, and how they might affect your KPIs directly, and don’t mind the occasional bad joke, then this digital marketing podcast is right up your street on a regular weekly basis…

Hosted by the Cypress North team, located in Buffalo, NY, the dream team of 4 is part of a full-digital agency that gets down and dirty with SEO, PPC, social media marketing – the list goes on, as long as it’s digital marketing related.

This humorous 60-minute show covers a multitude of marketing subjects in a natural, conversational way to engage us, the listeners, in a way that makes you feel like you know them all personally.  You leave feeling sated and ready for digital marketing activities.