3 SEO and Digital Marketing Podcats

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September 25, 2021
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To be able to keep up-to-date with all things SEO is hard enough even for an industry expert, so to have a choice of specialised podcasts that can educate as well as entertain you is a must if you want to stay ahead of the game! 

With everything you want and need to know about new SEO trends and tools but are too busy to read about, these great podcasts hosted by experts are a gem for beginners to the more experienced marketers!

The Search Engine Journal Show
Hosts: Loren Baker, Brent Csutoras, and Danny Goodwin

Suppose you want great advice, information and insights into the world of SEO from the pros. In that case, this is the podcast for you, with its absolutely heaps of constructive, regularly updated detail with over 250 episodes.  This is definitely where I want to listen…

This show is the official podcast for the Search Engine Journal where top industry professionals and experts talk about absolutely everything to do with SEO, including PPC, content marketing, digital marketing, and social media – yes, literally all things SEO via interviews, discussions of different topics and fantastic go-to SEO tips.  These pros give information on how to ensure websites and programs run faster, providing a better smoother process for businesses and customers.


Hosts: Jim Hedger and Dave Davies

If you’re interested in how the web works as a whole, then this podcast is the business – delivered with humour and panache.  It doesn’t just focus on SEO and digital marketing and how they work, the renowned expert hosts also highlight how to improve the quality of your site – not just with quick fixes.  I think this is a great take on how to explore and explain the workings of the web marketing world as a whole without getting bogged down in too much technical detail.

Webcology’s podcast focuses on how technology’s ecosystem constantly changes and how this, in turn, affects users.  The hosts use interviews with well-known guests and panels to keep us entertained, as well as educate us on how the different components of the web marketing world function.

This regularly published podcast keeps listeners up-to-date with the latest SEO developments and information, whilst the hosts – Jim Hedger and Dave Davies banter and chuckle their way through the show. Our hosts have highly experienced themselves in the internet industry, so if you’re up for an informative laugh, then this is the show to listen out to.


SEO 101
Hosts: Ross Dunn and John Carcutt

With its star-studded SEO guest line-up, if you aren’t listening to this little cracker of a podcast, then you are seriously missing out.  Competitor analysis, title tags, keywords, AMP are just some of the interesting SEO items covered on this show – and that’s just for starters.

Starting from episode 1, you’ll learn the SEO basics, and then will advance with each podcast episode with an abundance of subjects, interviews and guest hosts, which are entertaining as well as informative, and packed full with humour which will have all you search marketers buzzing.

Our experienced, highly-skilled hosts are fabulous with their regular on-trend good-natured chit-chatting and discussions about anything and everything SEO from articles in the trade magazines to questions viewers want answering…

A must.